Fair and reliable market
An institutional trading venue that provides high order throughput, transparency and reliability.
Optimized execution
Multiple execution channels offered by a single service provider maximises access to liquidity and minimises time to execution.
Trusted counter-party
Zodia Markets’ heritage combines OSL’s digital asset experience and Standard Chartered’s network and scale to offer a unique proposition.

Seamless coverage
with expert support

Zodia Markets helps clients seamlessly participate in digital asset markets with familiar execution styles including broker-aided facilitation and order-book driven trading. We offer a segregated custodian model with trusted custodian partners ensuring clients retain full digital and fiat asset ownership.


Perfect solution
for your business

Fair and reliable market
Optimized execution
Trusted counter-party


The Zodia Markets brokerage desk provides over-the-counter (OTC) trading to institutional customers via channels including voice, chat, GUI and API.

Eliminating the challenges of achieving near-guaranteed price execution in the constantly evolving digital asset markets, we build on our heritage with the unique combination of institutional access and deep experience in digital asset markets.

  • OTC matched principal broker service built for institutions and professional clients
  • Voice coverage and iRFQ via GUI and FIX API
  • Established relationships across traditional and crypto markets
  • Fairness, transparency, and reliability that institutions demand


Zodia Markets’ trading platform provides an order book with deep liquidity running on a high-speed matching engine with enterprise-level security, performance and connectivity.

We deliver the fairness, transparency and reliability that institutions demand.

  • Low latency, high throughput matching engine
  • Client UI, FIX or REST API
  • Access direct or through 3rd party platforms
  • Spot BTC and ETH USD, EUR and GBP
  • Variety of algorithmic order types
  • Competitive fee structure and market maker incentive programme

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1 Basinghall Avenue, London


Frequently asked questions and answers

Custody and Markets are part of the Zodia group but are independent companies. Both companies have Standard Chartered as a majority shareholder. All assets, fiat or crypto, held at either Zodia Markets or Zodia Custody are held in the clients name and therefore protected under any bankruptcy proceedings.

Yes, you can connect to our exchange via FIX or REST API and place orders on the order book. You can also connect to our RFQ via REST API. Both exchange and RFQ are also available via the Web GUI.

At present we offer BTC and ETH spot. We do have plans to add coins going forward and welcome client input to assess demand. Only digital assets that pass our own due diligence and risk assessment will be added to the platform.