Buford Scott​

Buford Scott - Chief Financial Officer

Buford Scott is Chief Financial Officer of Zodia
Markets, where he leads the finance function
including treasury, funding, financial reporting,
financial planning, budgeting, financial control,
and product control across all Zodia Markets

Prior to Zodia Markets, Buford acted as
financial advisor and CFO to several
businesses, and was most recently CFO of
Katana Labs, a fintech that was a spinoff of ING
Bank. Buford’s 30+ years of financial services
experience began in derivatives trading at top-
tier banks, including JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch,
and Goldman Sachs. Buford spent 10 years as
Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank,
majority shareholder of Zodia Markets, and also
served on the board of the Standard Chartered
Bank Pension Fund.