Benedict Roth

Benedict Roth - Chief Risk Officer

Benedict Roth is a risk management specialist
with more than 30 years’ experience as a
practitioner and regulator.

His private-sector banking experience, gained
over a period of 25 years, included senior roles
in market and counterparty credit risk
management in institutions which ranged in size
from a start-up investment bank, trading in the
global emerging markets, to HSBC, where he
was responsible for counterparty credit risk
analytics for funds on a global basis and for
counterparty credit risk on the London trading
book, which ran to hundreds of thousands of
cash and derivative transactions with maturities
out to thirty years and beyond.
His public-sector experience included 8 years at
the Bank of England across a number of
prudential risk areas including banking
supervision, model review, regulatory arbitrage
and secured financing, as well as a secondment
to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and
Local Government as Chief Risk Officer.
Benedict is a popular writer and his landing-
page on is here.